Aluminium Gutters vs Galvanised Steel Gutters

Aluminium gutters and galvanised steel gutters are very similar to one another. Though, there are a few minor differences that could determine which choice is better for you. Read about the difference between aluminium gutters and galvanised steel gutters below:

Aluminium gutters

Though both aluminium gutters and galvanised steel gutters are corrosion resistant, aluminium has a higher resistance to rust. In the right environment, aluminium gutters can live a lengthy life without the need for constant maintenance – though occasional maintenance is still required. Aluminium gutters are also preferable due to their light weight and malleability. Due to the lightness of the product, it is much easier to install. The malleability of aluminium material also makes this a great feature for the creation of seamless gutters, as gutters with seams are prone to leaking. Though galvanised steel can also be used to create seamless gutters, aluminium is easier to work with. Aluminium gutters also happen to be the cheaper option with higher availability.


Galvanised steel gutters

Galvanised steel has a higher dent resistance than aluminium, which makes it the most suitable choice for areas that receive a lot of hail. These gutters can withstand more force than aluminium gutters would be able to as aluminium gutters are malleable and could dent from force from objects such as ladders. The galvanised steel gutters may rust faster than aluminium, but with the right care, frequent maintenance and monitoring, they are just as durable as aluminium gutters.

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