As one of the preferred waterproofing companies in the Cape surrounds, we offer:

When looking for waterproofing companies to effectively repair your property’s roof, it is important to make sure that you choose service provider that you can rely on. The methods and products used by the company should be taken into consideration, as well as their reputation for service delivery. Clients can be 100% sure that the services offered by the team at HMR are highly recommended. We make sure to stay up to date with all the latest developments in the painting and waterproofing industry, so that we can provide our clients with nothing but the best. We are well aware of the fact that the repair and restoration of any commercial or residential property can be an extremely costly experience, as it requires a skilled contractor and often involves hidden costs. We strive for complete transparency and as such, our team will only provide a quote once we have done a complete assessment on all your restoration needs. We will make sure that the quote includes all material needed, unless otherwise stated. Therefore, clients can trust our services and be sure that no extra costs will appear during the completion of their restoration projects. We believe in getting the job done right the first time! To prove this, all our services come with a 1-year workmanship guarantee. Plascon’s 5/10/12 year guarantee applies on their products.

Residential & Commercial Painting

Plascon is our product of choice and we strictly adhere to all Plascon specifications when providing our services.

High pressure roof cleaning

As part of our extensive service range to keep the exterior of your property looking superior, HMR also offers high pressure roof cleaning services for commercial, residential or industrial clients.

Roof painting

Henk Meyer and his team specialise in an array of services, including roof painting in Cape Town and surrounding areas.

Waterproofing (domestic & commercial)

Making sure that the roof of your home or office is completely waterproof is one of the key factors to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

Seamless Aluminium gutters

When choosing gutters to be installed at your property, it is important that you choose the right material.

Gutter Services

When considering the installation of a new guttering system, clients can choose from a variety of materials.

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