Why does Plascon trust us to use their products?

Henk Meyer Restoration is one of the best painting and waterproofing contractors in Cape Town. We offer affordable quality services through the professional workmanship of our highly skilled team. Our track record is an endless list of completed projects. We offer highly skilled workmanship and superior painting services domestically and commercially.

Due to our premium services, we are one of the few Plascon preferred applicators. Our painting services are guaranteed to have long-lasting results and beautiful finishes. This also means that the product will receive the relevant Plascon warranty. This warranty enlists specifications regarding the product and what standard it needs to adhere to.

Plascon trusts us with their products because of our service performance and quality. We ensure every project is completed successfully. We priorities our clients’ needs and offer a reliable painting contract to fulfill those needs.

We are professional painting contractors whose clients expect nothing but the best from our team. Our expertise has allowed us to provide quality services both domestically and commercially. Our focus is dedicating ourselves to our clients to provide the best service possible at affordable rates.

Plascon trusts that with our clients will be able to enjoy the end product. Choosing the right painting contractor for your property is highly important. Plascon understands this and believes in the quality of service we provide. Offering a reputable service ensures the quality of how its products are handled. They trust in the fact that we handle their products with care and adequately use them.

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